So apparently the Kardashian clan were texting during the VMA Ferguson/Michael Brown tribute. It appeared that Kim, Kylie, and Kendall Kardashian talked amongst themselves, texted, and looked generally bored while presenter Common asked the audience to take a moment of silence for Mike Brown. 

You would think a woman that is married to Kanye West, a black man who is immensely vocal about racism and police brutality, would at least respect the life of a black boy who was murdered by the police.

Where’s Kanye?



But all you bitches idolize these no talent hoes ☕️🐸



I know Donda rolling over in her grave!

So here’s the thing with the Kardashians. Just because these girls are friends with black people does not mean they could give a shit if one of our own was killed.

They are leeches. Remember that until Kim got with Kanye, Jaden and Willow were their black friends.

Now all of a sudden they’re besties with Chris Brown etc.

They present as white so they don’t have to experience racism. In a recent episode of the Kardashians Kim got called a nigger lover and felt that she needed to talk about her experience of racism and stand up against it on a publicity tip.

My thing is this Kanye comes from black panthers… He is a strong black man who is vocal about blackness. I don’t know how he can turn a blind eye to the blatant disrespect to the black community.

I don’t know man.

I was so disappointed when Kanye pulled Kim out of his ass as his beloved

I REALLY though he was going to show the world who the next Angela Davis was, fareal fareal